Film Production

Walrus haul-out, Chukchi Sea (National Geographic Television)

Before returning to the academy I spent five years working in television production with National Geographic. During this time I collaborated with scientists, artists, and other film-makers to communicate environmental stories to broad audiences through multiple Emmy-winning natural history film series. My roles in these projects included Segment Producer, Field Producer, Associate Producer, Lead Researcher, Media Manager, and Series Coordinator.

Please see below for more information about these projects. Screener copies of all projects are available upon request.

Untamed Americas (2012)

  • Winner of 2013 Emmy award for cinematography
  • Best Natural History Film award at 2012 Banff Mountain Film Festival
  • In this television series narrated by Josh Brolin and comprising four, hour-long episodes, we tell stories of wildlife survival and conservation throughout the Americas, from the most remote regions to our urban backyards.
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Sea Strikers (2011)

  • In this one hour special, we use high-speed photography to investigate the biomechanics of fish jaw structure and behavior in high-speed, pelagic predators.
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Great Migrations (2010)

  • Winner of two Emmy awards in 2011 for cinematography and music/sound design
  • The National Geographic Society’s largest project to date.
  • A cross-platform multimedia initiative with world-wide synchronous release, a paired cover story with the National Geographic Magazine, and multiple citizen science events.
  • Working alongside and in consultation with top animal migration scholars (including E.O. Wilson and scientists from the Max Planck Institute, WCS, WWF, and more), narrated by Alec Baldwin, and comprising seven diverse hours of programming, our team tells stories of animal migrations around the planet.
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Moose: Titans of the North (2008)

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Promo images credit: National Geographic