Recent work:

Swann-Quinn, J. (UNDER REVIEW). “Toward Extractive Archipelagos: Embedded Borderings in the Georgian Mining Industry.” Under review at: Territory, Politics, Governance.

Swann-Quinn, J. (FORTHCOMING). “Digging Deep: Crossing Scale in the Georgian Mining Industry.” In Environmental Geopolitics: A Research Agenda, O’Lear, S. (ed.), Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Swann-Quinn, J. (2019). “Mining the Homeland: Imagining Resources, Nation, and Territory in Post-Soviet Georgia.” Eurasian Geography and Economics.

Swann-Quinn, J. (2019). “More-Than-Human Government and the Tbilisi Zoo Flood.” Geoforum 102: 167-81.

Quinn, J. (2017). “gatekhili Mountains, gatekhili State: Fractured alpine forest governance and post-Soviet development in the Republic of Georgia.” Journal of Alpine Research | Revue de géographie alpine, (105-1).

Dissertation title – Malleable Territories: The Politics and Effects of Mining Governance in Post-Soviet Georgia

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Photo credits: Martha Swann-Quinn and Jesse Swann-Quinn