Research participant sharing stories, Bolnisi, Georgia
Run-off from gold and copper mine, Kvemo Bolnisi, Georgia

Recent publications:

Swann-Quinn, J. (2021). “Toward Extractive Archipelagos.” Territory, Politics, Governance 9(2), 180–202.

Swann-Quinn, J. (2020). “Digging Deep: Crossing Scale in the Georgian Mining Industry.” In A Research Agenda for Environmental Geopolitics, O’Lear, S. (ed.), Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Swann-Quinn, J. (2019). “Mining the Homeland: Imagining Resources, Nation, and Territory in Post-Soviet Georgia.” Eurasian Geography and Economics 60(2), 119–151.

Swann-Quinn, J. (2019). “More-Than-Human Government and the Tbilisi Zoo Flood.” Geoforum 102: 167-81.

Quinn, J. (2017). “gatekhili Mountains, gatekhili State: Fractured alpine forest governance and post-Soviet development in the Republic of Georgia.” Journal of Alpine Research | Revue de géographie alpine, (105-1).

Dissertation title – Malleable Territories: The Politics and Effects of Mining Governance in Post-Soviet Georgia

For other recent publications, please see my and profiles. Draft manuscripts forthcoming and currently under review are also available upon request.

“The price of gold” graffiti, Bolnisi, Georgia

Photo credits: Martha Swann-Quinn and Jesse Swann-Quinn