I have held teaching as a high priority throughout my academic career, reflecting my commitment to broad interdisciplinary education as the best avenue available to citizen scholars for fostering social change and environmental awareness. Toward this end, I aim to create inclusive classrooms where students of all experiences, abilities, and aptitudes can actively develop knowledge of the socio-environmental institutions and decisions shaping our world. For example, I currently teach a World Cultures course at Syracuse University in which I use a variety of cases, from the racial and class dynamics of American lawns to the material sourcing and significance of cell phones, to animate the dynamics of environmental geography existing in my students’ lives. In addition to integrative lectures, guided discussions, and enrolling students as research assistants, I also aim to ‘flip’ my classroom whenever possible, pairing essays promoting reflection on students’ own experiences of diversity with creative GIS and mapping activities that engage them with the campus and community. As a social scientist who also has significant professional experience as a visual communicator of science with the National Geographic Society, I maintain a staunch dedication to instilling in my students an ethic of care for diverse environments, populations, and individuals by engaging them in highly contextualized research and educational activities both locally and abroad.

I have developed several courses in addition to those already taught, including Extractive Environments, Political Geography: Some Assembly Required, and Global Environmental Governance. Sample syllabi are available upon request.

Full teaching portfolio, including comprehensive student evaluations, available upon request.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE ( * indicates instructor position)

Syracuse University

AY 2018-2019
*Teaching Associate, Global Community, MAX 132

Summer 2018
*Instructor of Record, Mapping Today: Technology and Spatial Thinking, GEO 108

AY 2017-2018
*Instructor of Record, World Cultures, GEO 272

AY 2016-2017
*Teaching Associate, Global Community, MAX 132

Spring 2016
Teaching Assistant, Mapping 2.0: Understanding Spatial Thinking, GEO 100

Fall 2015
Teaching Assistant, Principles of GIS, GEO 683-383

Fall 2014
*Instructor of Record, World Cultures, GEO 272

Spring 2014
Teaching Assistant, Cities of the World, GEO 200

Fall 2013
Teaching Assistant, World Cultures, GEO 272

University of Arizona

Spring 2012
Lead Teaching Assistant, Human Geography & Global Systems, GEOG 150

Falls 2011, 2012
Teaching Assistant, GIS for Natural and Social Sciences, GEOG 617-417

Colgate University

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Photography, ARTS 241



Photo credits: Martha Swann-Quinn (above, interview subject) and Joe Stoll (below, author)